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Five Finger Entertainment Presents:

Become the zombie horde in...

Tim the Zombie busy at work in a graveyard

The ultimate zombie horde simulator!

Guide your undead hoard through mazes, obstacles, deadly enemies and a top-notch
B-movie script! Prepare yourself for gore, blood and explosions.

Coming soon to PC and Mac

The Dead Roam Free teaser trailer

The Dead Roam Free promises:

Exciting and challenging puzzles!
Blood and gore!
It's like Snake, but then with zombies!
Top-notch B-movie scripts (popcorn not included)!
Strange and funny characters!
A stylised world you will want to come back to time and again!


About Five Finger Entertainment

Two guys from down town Hillywood in The Netherlands. We were practically raised on video games! We’ve seen every genre and we’ve played countless games (only on easy mode) and we know what this industry is missing: games filled with story, heart and laughter and lot's of action.

We know just the right proportions of the above ingredients to make a game that you just can’t put down. Our games are almost guaranteed to make you giggle, unless you’re one of those cold hearted AI things we’ve been hearing about! In any case, from us to you: enjoy!

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